Addressing Abuse and Repair: An Open Letter to the Psychedelic Community

Dear Community,

Psychedelic-assisted therapy entails supporting people through their most vulnerable states and darkest moments, and as such, the ethical responsibility of this work cannot be overstated.

No one is immune to causing harm. And no one among us, no matter how beloved or well recognized, is above the ethical mandates of this vocation.

We do not purport to hold answers, but commit to centering ethics in building structures to protect our communities.

  1. Form an independent ethics council of professionals, calling in support from people outside the psychedelic field who are skilled in facilitating transformative justice processes.
  2. Establish a formalized process for reporting adverse experiences and creating meaningful paths toward repair that center survivors, at both the organizational level and within the field at large.
  3. Recognize that reparative processes rely on cooperation from all parties; when therapists are the subject of allegations, we expect them to take accountability and step down from their platforms while they engage in the investigative process.
  4. Create pathways back to community engagement for those who have moved through accountability and restorative processes following transgressions.


Toward a more healed world,

Signed by:



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For The Psychedelic Community

For The Psychedelic Community


Diana Quinn, Rebecca Martinez, Claudia Cuentas, Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, Carolyn Fine